Design for Millenials – less is more

In an age of information and brand overload, we have reached a stage where we are are looking for less and not more. Less clutter, less mess, less to sift through, and more direct, straight to the point content and messaging.

This has translated itself into branding as well. Will some MAJOR brands opting for redesigns on their logos, not one of them have gone for a more complex, complicated brand CI – instead we are seeing trends towards flat, simple, uncluttered icons and typography, that communicates the brand in the fastest and most uncomplicated way.

We want simplicity back. This can be seen throughout the design world where distilled versions of logos are being created in order to cut through the noise of millennial living.

Minimalism is often thought of as cold and callous, but this does not have to be the case. Simple design, when used correctly, can articulate the most important part of a brand’s message.

Not convinced – watch the trends, as more and more brands declutter and create beautiful, simple, meaningful, tasteful logos




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