Logos in UI

Online marketing has opened our eyes to a near infinite amount of analytical data that allows for us to track users, their habits, movements, and preferences.

One interesting insight which has come out of one such study is with regard to the positioning of a logo. I know what you are thinking… but yes such a small thing does have a very telling impact.

Traditionally the logo (on left to right language based websites) is placed in the top left corner. Shifting the logo from this position has a significant effect on the user. This is true especially on larger screens, where if the logo is center or right aligned, it can land up being completely out on first glance.

How significant is the effect? In this study, it was shown that there was a 89% better brand recall on websites where logos were left aligned, as opposed to right aligned. When studying the centre aligned logo in contrast to left aligned, the study found that people were six times less likely to click on it as a navigational device to get back to the homepage.

So how does this impact your digital strategy? Well I guess it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If your website is there in order to achieve conversion, brand awareness or anything more than just “being there”, then I argue that one should follow convention.

One would have thought that breaking convention may be the best way for your brand to stand out, but data has shown that this is a non-truth. If you want your brand to stand out and make an impact – follow convention. I know…all the creatives out there are cringing at this point, and therefore I think it is important to mention that within the bounds of these such conventions, GO WILD 🙂 Like a good game of tennis (or any sport for that matter) – keep within the lines, but use that space to fully express your creativity and skill.

Think creatively. Create Intelligently.