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Imagine a space beyond the confines of the design studio, beyond conventional wisdom…. a space beyond meaningless marketing speak and tried and tired formulas… a space where logos, websites, posters, banner ads and any other brand experiences you can conceive capture your business in its essence and speak to your audience on the deepest level. With each job we take on, this is where Pixel Village aims to go.

Logos, websites, apps, posters, banner ads and any other design product you can conceive…

At Pixel Village we are not only driven by our passions but defined by them. And what we are passionate about is discovery, innovation and the art of invention.

Which isn’t to say we are simply a bunch of crazy design nerds experimenting away in a graphics laboratory for our own enjoyment – though that would be nice.

We are also meticulous in our processes and attention to fine detail. Our team of brilliant designers, developers and brand specialists apply techniques from a variety of disciplines, giving careful consideration to the unique needs of each client. Ultimately, this perfect storm of left-brain and right-brain – of creative thought and intelligent creativity – makes us who we are.

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