Content Marketing And SEO: A Match Made In Heaven

Say Halo To Increased Web Presence


SEO…content marketing…content blogging…these are all terms we’ve heard of before. They are the mac daddies of the online marketing world – and they can make or break an online presence depending on how efficiently they’re used. It seems to be a widespread notion that SEO and Content Marketing are mortal adversaries; that one is constantly poised to overtake and annihilate the other.


However, the reality is quite the opposite. SEO and Content Marketing do not exist solely on the premise of  ensuring the downfall of whichever system loses favour with marketing strategists – no. The story of SEO and CM is far more…romantic. Tender. A love story to shake the heavens. Shakespeare is quaking.


The truth is, SEO and content marketing belong together. They complement each other. Each works pretty okay on its own, but together…together they are magnificent.
But before we get too ahead of ourselves (we’re all suckers for romance, after all), what is SEO? And content marketing? And what do they have to do with each other?


SEO: Getting Visible

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is the practice of increasing the amount of traffic driven to your website through organic search engine results (aka not the paid results you see with the little yellow [AD] blocks in the description).

Organic results are pages that pop up on search engines without you having to pay to put them there – they are results that have attracted the most users and have the most site traffic.

There are a wide range of ways in which to use SEO to your advantage and increase your chances of making it onto the first landing page of search engine results (the golden spot, if we’re all being honest): making sure each web page has appropriate title tags, building inbound links by sharing content across social media (like Facebook and Twitter), and…content marketing.


Content Marketing: Make It Good. Make It Count

We keep mentioning this thing over and over and over again, but what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing (we just can’t stop saying it) involves the creation of online material (blogs, videos, social media accounts) that is designed to create interest in a brand, rather than just promoting it.

It has the potential to be more consumer-focused, letting users interact with a brand without feeling obligated to financially (or otherwise) invest in its products and services. It’s a more personable form of communication between brands and potential customers. It also helps in building a brand identity and sense of community that feels more…human.

Think Wendy’s and their scathing wit over Twitter. We would love to meet whoever is managing that account.


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The Dream Team

We aren’t the only ones who think that SEO and content marketing are a perfect match. In his own article on the same topic, author and entrepreneur Neil Patel describes the two as the classic sandwich, PB&J – “They go together,” he says. “They just fit.”

And we couldn’t agree more.


SEO and content marketing overlap. A lot. They’re like two sides to the same coin. And while there may be some inherent differences between the two, they are more similar than a lot of people like to admit. The relationship between these two concepts is quite simple, really – SEO makes a demand, and content marketing meets that demand. Like yin and yang, ebony and ivory, Buzzfeed and viral posts…they complete each other.


For example: a large portion of what users consume online is content. Blog posts, videos, images, music…the list goes on and on. SEO cannot operate without content. It needs keywords, substance, and high-quality content that it can use to convince a search engine that your site is a good site to have on the very first results page during a relevant search.




SEO can’t achieve that without actual content – and that’s where content marketing comes in. It is the factory that powers the success of your online platform. Content marketing provides the substance, while SEO makes sure it gets out into the world.

But content cannot just exist for the sake of keywords and site traffic alone – it has to be good. It has to be high quality, something that people will get value out of reading. The better your content, the more well-received it will be, and the better your SEO will respond.

It’s simple – put out that which you wish to receive.

Invest in creating good content and that’s half the job done.




The dynamic between SEO and content marketing shows that, no matter how many times the internet tries to pull them asunder, they’ll always come back together again. In such a competitive online space, how can anyone afford to ignore one whole half of what is essentially the greatest digital marketing power couple we have? We think everyone should stop trying to tear them apart.


The final moral of the story?


Let love win.


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